Kevin Page

Born on the 8th of February, 1952 at "Beaumont Hospital" in Franklin, Tasmania, Australia.

Only child of Clarence Algy and Gwendoline Fay (Woolley) Page.

The love of family history was encouraged by his grandmother, Myra Grace (Walton) Page, whose stories and love moulded his life.

After years researching around the edges of the family, sickness during 2005 gave him the time to commence putting the history up onto the web.

The idea was to research Samuel Page's arrival in Australia, then follow it through with his line to today, however, once the web site was up in its initial form, several people contacted him with information about other lines in the family.

This started to open up the concept that there was so much history which originated from Samuel Page that this should also be included.

That was the start, and with the help of the broader family the information continues to grow...